Silverado Autos would like to thank Malone Diesel for their great service. Ryan is the best! He provided very good communication and kept us up to date during the whole process; retuning calls quickly and providing detailed information of the diagnosis and repair. Quality of work, fair price and service – We highly recommend Malone Diesel! Thank you Malone Diesel!
Brian and Kevin
Dripping Springs, Texas
Silverado Auto
May, 2012
Malone Diesel - As a member of the US military I have taken my 1997 F250 to mechanics in six different states. The service that I received at Malone Diesel far exceeds any of my prior experiences with various dealer service centers or independent mechanics. I brought the truck (50 miles through Austin traffic) to Malone Diesel with a list of services, checks, and repairs that I wanted completed and requested a thorough check of the truck for any additional problems.

Based on my experience with other mechanics I expected the list of "required" repairs to expand. This was NOT the case at Malone. The honesty of your maintenance technician (Dewey) and service manager (Ryan) was a great surprise. The total cost of the repairs was much less than I expected and well worth every penny. The quality of the repairs and service was evident as soon as I turned onto Hwy 290 - the truck runs as well now as it did when it was new. As long as I remain in the Central Texas area I will bring my truck to Malone for any future repairs.
September 27, 2011
Steve, It's really hard to find a knowledgeable and thorough mechanic. I want you to know that I have been nothing but impressed with your techs and especially Ryan. He is extremely knowledgeable and communicates and explains things very thoroughly. Most of all - He is honest. He has told us that we didn't need certain work performed that the dealership told us we did. He has helped us with trucks even though they are covered under the extended warranty with Ford. In today's time, it's extremely hard to find an employee like this. I just want you to know that it is a pleasure to do business with him and I am thankful that our employee [ . . ], recommended your shop.
February, 2012
Steve, Ryan & All Mechanics, After picking up my 2002 F-250 truck that you repaired this week I started thinking about what might have happened to me or someone else had you and your mechanic's not spotted the Pittman Arm that was broken. Later that evening I googled Pittman Arm failures and the results were scary. I can only imagine going down the road at 70 mph and losing your steering. The stories I read made me realize how important it is to take your vehicle in for repair to a Company like Malone Diesel. People don't realize a lot of repairs that you do keep them safe on the road and that there is no price you can put on someone's safety. Had I let some Tire Company put the new tires on most likely the damaged Pittman Arm would have never been noticed and no telling what would have happened when it broke. I've own this truck for 10 years and the only reason it is still going down the road today is because Malone Diesel has serviced this truck since I bought it. After telling my wife Terri about what could have happened to me if you had not spotted the problem, she told me she didn't want me to drive that old truck anymore but I assured her that every time I took it to Malone Diesel for service or repair that they ran a thorough check on it and always let me know if something needed repaired or replaced. With your help, I plan on driving this truck for many years to come and it is only because of who you have service your vehicle when it is in need of repair. Your repairs are not cheap but neither are doctor bills or funerals. When you drive away from Malone Diesel with a repair you know it was done right and your in a safe vehicle. Thanks.
L. Lacy
September 2, 2011
Malone Diesel Family, Some of you might recognize this truck, as it belonged to my Dad, Gene Budua. There was no one else in the whole damn state that my dad trusted this 1/2 a million mile Powerstroke to more than you guys. Thank you in advance for what you do and always have done for this truck and my family.
C. Budua
August 24, 2011
FW: F250 - Promised competitive information: Ryan, Here is the email we got from Maxwell Ford outlining the repair and cost for repairing our Truck repair (at bottom). Also, I'm including the "referral" we got from our son, so you can see how your web site is working!! Thank you for repairing our Truck.
Rich and Fran
February 5, 2011
Re: F250: Dad, I found a shop just west of Dripping Springs called Malone Diesel. Here's their website: www.MaloneDiesel.com. I read their "Tech Tips" and it is obvious that the guy knows his stuff, especially with Fords. I would call them and ask to speak to someone who knows the 6.0 engine well and then explain your situation to them. I suspect that they have seen that problem a hundred of times and may be a wealth of information. Using some aftermarket parts, they maybe able to get the truck to better than original so you can continue using it. Or maybe they'll tell to fix it as cheap as you can sell it. I don't know, but I bet they'll have an opinion and some suggestion. Here's their phone number: 512-858-2132 Hours: Mon-Fri, 8a-5:30p. I'll let you know if I find any other shops that look helpful.
January 11, 2011
Thank you so much for making my visit to Malone Diesel so easy and comfortable. We recently bought a 2009 Dodge 3500 Diesel PU and when it was time to replace the fuel filter, I wanted someone to show me how to do this as I used to change the fuel filter in our old Dodge 2500 Diesel truck. When I called about this request, Ryan didn't hesitate and said 'sure, no problem'. When I arrived, my truck was immediately pulled into the bay and the mechanic showed me everything I needed to know. After watching how it's done and paying the bill, I figured it might be just as easy to get you guys to do this service since it only needs to do be done once per year : . This might be a strange thing to say but we almost can't wait to be out of warranty so we won't have to go to the dealer anymore for warranty work and bring it to you guys instead. I feel comfortable bringing our truck to your shop as everyone is very experienced and friendly. You guys will have our business as long as we own a diesel! Plus we will refer you guys to anyone we know. Thank you!
January 25, 2011
Steve and the gang, Just a short note to say "THANKS" for getting my old 94 Ford 1 ton back on the road. "The Beast" is like one of my kids . . and the transmission & glow plug work. What ya'll did makes him run like almost new . . Thanks again.
June 2010
Steve & Kathy, Thank you for your support of DS Ducks. All the numbers are not in yet but I expect something around 15k will go to DU conservation projects. This was our best turn out to date. I/we appreciate your support. My truck is great too! Thanks.
June 2009

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